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Work in tourist entertainment: submit your CV

Work as a tourist entertainer: submit your curriculum vitae

Are you an entertainer and are looking for work as a tourist entertainer? Are you experienced and would like to work as a tourist entertainer? Submit your CV to access our job offers. Find the best job offers in Tourist Entertainment. Work as an entertainer in hotels with GESTIOCIO.

Entertainer Job, we help you.

Submit your CV and get a job in tourist entertainment in hotels in Andalusia and Canary Islands with GESTIOCIO.

If you are experienced, you like sports, dancing, children or you are a real artist, come with us. Get access to our job offers in tourist entertainment.

If you are studying pre-school education, physical activity and sport sciences, Tourism or TAFAD, you can work as a tourist entertainer. We are an entertainment agency with more than 10 years in this sector.

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Work as a tourist entertainer in Spain with GESTIOCIO. Discover amazing places and meet people from all over the world. Gestiocio has job offers for you!

Work as multi-skilled entertainer, Miniclub entertainer, entertainment leader, sports instructor, fitness instructor...

If you’re looking for work in the segment of tourist entertainment, GESTIOCIO gives you the opportunity to work as a tourist entertainer in different hotels in Spain.

In Entertainer Job you’ll find our job offers. If you’re looking for work as entertainer or want to sign on to our offers as tourist entertainer, submit your CV and work with GESTIOCIO.

Entertainer Job. WE’RE LOOKING FOR YOU!

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